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Designer's notes

Revamped and Restyled London Family Living Room

This is the front lounge in my client’s gorgeous home and they contacted me to help update the design and style statement in this space, which is loved and used by the whole family. This is a generously sized room with high ceilings and a stunning fireplace. We made the decision to focus on the positives of the room and implement changes that would highlight the features of the room. The clients had four requirements – Retain the carpet, wallpaper, existing sofas and light feature. Beyond these stipulations, my client was adventurous and always happy to try new ideas that I brought to the table. To maximize effective utilization of the space, I suggested built-in alcove units along the fireplace. We choose beautiful two-toned cabinetry that completely changed the look of the room and highlighted the gorgeous fireplace in between. We decided to follow the colour palette set by the wallpaper and choose a stunning black art deco mirror to be the focal point of the room. A lovely lighter coloured rug was added to lift the room and a large marble coffee table to provide ample space for entertaining. Luxe velvet cushions were added to enliven the black sofas. We also brought in a large painting that the family previously owned as the colours worked perfectly. Given the ample space we had in the shelving units, the mantle and the coffee table, the stylist in me went to town. We considered the hobbies and passions of all the family members when deciding on what items to showcase in the room. Passions such as food, travel, cricket, geology were all taken into account and represented in the styling choices we made. We also added a side table and a gorgeous table lamp to add useable space near the sofa. We decorated the mantlepiece with contrasting vases and lovely foliage from my client’s garden. For the coffee table, we choose a sophisticated duo of complementary vases, a mirrored tray and a stunning, yet quirky, Jonathan Adler match holder for the finishing touches. The room has come together beautifully and I and my client are so pleased with the final results!

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