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Designer's notes

A Dedicated Music Room for a Musical Family

The room was a blank canvas when we started work on the room. Bespoke joinery helped us create space for a fireplace and symmetrical shelving units on either side of the fireplace. The pride of place in the center is taken by the Veena. We created bespoke holding pins that were welded for us to allow us to hang the Veena at an angle so it appears to float in front of the unit. We have used neutral sofas, rug and curtains to allow an air of tranquility in the room. A blue accent chair provides a pop of colour along with multiple silk cushions sourced from India. The silk cushion on the chair is a gorgeous example of a Gyasar silk weave featuring two deers. The artwork behind the sofa is an example of a Chola mural from the family's hometown in India and features a Veena as well. We have used the other wall to create a photo wall of their talented son playing different musical instruments. One of the shelves features a vintage radio, an ode to my client's grandfather who was a singer on All India Radio. The radio was sourced in a charity shop by me and is made of Bakelite, the first usable plastic. I love designing interiors that are personal to the people who will live there and this room is a great example of your interiors representing your passions and hobbies. A room can be contemporary and still be filled with vintage pieces that are dear to your heart.

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