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Luxury Interior Creations

I am dedicated to creating innovative home interiors that marry form and function. My aim is to style contemporary interiors that are deeply personal to the owners; blending together meaningful family heirlooms, travel treasures and precious collections in a seamless manner. I believe in mixing old and new and high street and designer - to create a unique interior style statement for your home that is inspirational at every level.

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I enjoy working at every level of interior styling projects.  I can help you at various rungs of the interiors style and design ladder - from adding light interior styling finishes to a particular room to developing a full-scale cohesive new interior style/design plan for a home.

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I spent months researching for an interior designer as an artist myself it was not easy. I am so glad I chose interiors by Isha. I absolutely love the design for my living room now as we spend all day there. It’s like bringing the room to life. Isha is AMAZING! Very professional, understanding and listened to my needs. She has very detailed and classy approach which I absolutely loved it. I would highly recommend Isha for her best creativity and designing.

Isha Sodhi
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