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Designer's notes

An Airy Flat with an Open Plan Living, Dining and Kitchen Space and a Gorgeous River View

The piece de resistance in this room is the use of two complimentary wallpapers. In order to create visual interest, we used a gorgeous Japanese-inspired mural wallpaper behind the TV. This is framed by a green marble-topped sideboard for additional storage. On the rest of the entry hall walls and hallway beyond, we have used a vinyl heavy domestic use textured striped wallpaper that complements the statement wall perfectly and gives the illusion of elongating the ceiling height at the same time. Vinyl wallpaper has the hardwearing benefits needed in busy hallways and still looks spectacular. The client was eager to add a bar unit in the room so we utilized some of the space after the existing kitchen units end to add a custom grey textured bar unit. We also used existing studio photographs of the family that they already owned as our focal art behind the sofa (instead of shoving them in a drawer as so many of us do😄) A lovely hard-wearing ceramic table (ideal for houses with young ones) and green velvet chairs were added to the dining area. We also added a storage tan leather ottoman that serves as a coffee table, a place to put your feet up, store toys in, and a great option for a child to tumble around on without fear of hurting themselves. This open-plan space is a great example of a cohesive design palette that is ideal in these kinds of spaces - the space flows seamlessly as a single room with multiple corners of interest. I love the serenity of this space - I have even added a picture of me resting after styling the room on our last day of work on the project.

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