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Hello, I’m Isha and I work as an Interior Designer and Stylist. Nearly two decades ago, when I moved from Los Angeles to London, I discovered British interior magazines and I was instantly hooked! It was the start of my life-long love affair with all things interiors. I derive immense pleasure in designing and styling spaces that appeal to both the eyes and the hearts of the occupiers in equal measure.

I firmly believe that:

- Our homes should provide an inviting environment that speaks to our personal style and décor sensibilities
- Our home decor should both revive us and excite us through the day
- Our homes should remind us of happy times and happy travels

What makes a well-styled room? In my opinion, it's a touch of the unexpected. Be it home interiors or a person walking down the street, I think it is human nature to notice the unexpected. Unexpected combinations in home interiors push the boundaries of our imaginations and result in spaces that exhibit strong personalities and soul. These are the type of interiors I strive to create when I am styling. Rooms with personalities that make an impression every time you enter them.

Do you feel that your living space needs a helping hand in the style department? Whether you have lived in your home for many years, bought a new home or have recently renovated and have a blank canvas – I can help you in achieving your ideally decorated interior space that will bring joy for many years to come.

Do get in touch to discuss your project.  

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