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Most Used "Middle" Space

Given the layout of the house, this kitchen is located conveniently between the living room and the home office.

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Individual family dynamics are paramount in planning open-plan living areas. As the family enjoyed gathering around the dining table with their children doing homework on the table, it was determined that a full-sized dining table was necessary. The previous island was torn out and a big wooden table was housed in the newly vacated space. The homeowner had her heart set on an exposed brick backsplash in the cooking area. As there were no original bricks to be unearthed, vintage brick slips were installed on the wall behind the stove – the result was stunning! A clear glass splashback was also installed on top of the brick slips to provide further protection of the brick wall. There was a conscious effort to avoid visually overcrowding the area and therefore, it was decided that benches would be ideal for the full-sized dining table, with only two leather chairs on either end. This lends a casual and welcoming vibe to the area and keeps the eye-level spacial view clean and uncluttered. A flat pile distressed black and white rug was laid under the dining table for warmth. The distressed pattern was ideal as it would camouflage any future food stains well. A kitchen bathed in light is always a great idea in London and therefore, a skylight was installed in the area above the cooker. Perhaps one of the most successful decisions was to line the sides of the skylight with mirrored glass. This has worked exceedingly well – when it is raining the drops are reflected in all directions of the mirrors and it’s quite hypnotizing – like live moving art in the middle of the kitchen!

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