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Designer's notes

A Stunning Home Office with a secret Whisky Vault

The overriding intention in this project was to maximize the potential of the garage space. The brief was to convert the existing garage at the front of the home into a Home Office/Study with a small WC, washing machine/dryer space and a storage cupboard leading off of it.

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The resulting space is comprised of the following elements: 1) Underfloor Vault Storage: The garage sloped downwards in the front where it met the road outside, so the floor had to be raised to make it level. This allowed for the creation of storage space within the floor. A ‘wine cellar style’ vault for bottles was created and covered with a walk on glass door that opened on gas struts. It was lined with the same brick slips used in other parts of the room to tie it all together. 2) Crittall Style Doors: A custom Crittall style partition has been used to separate the study from the dining area whilst still maintaining the open plan feel. 3) Brick Slips: As there was no original brick wall to be uncovered in this area, brick slips were used to create the old brick look. 4)Bookshelf: On the long wall there was an internal garage door that lead into the corridor at the entrance of the house. As this door was no longer needed, the closed recess of the door space was used to create a bespoke bookcase. 6) The Desk and Chair: The leather-topped traditional walnut desk in the room was purchased by the owner almost 25 years ago from an auction that was held at his place of work to sell off old furniture before a refurbishment. The modern classic black Eames style chair was purchased on ebay. 7) Decor Details: The décor is a treasure trove of the families’ holiday purchases. The stunning silk Kashmiri (qum/gum) carpet was purchased in Srinagar. It is lovely to look at, soft underfoot and the weave ensures it is two different colours depending on which side you look at it from. The beige chair with the striking geometrical cushion is from Mumbai and the leather pouffe in front was sourced from Marrakesh. The four turban pictures, made from egg and sand, were purchased at the ‘Affordable Art Fair’ many years ago. The huge abstract oil canvas on the wall is by a renowned London based artist. The old brass box on the books is from the Oshiwara market in Mumbai and the antique wood mirror on the brick wall was purchased on a fleeting trip to Delhi.

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