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Designer's notes

Calm and Relaxing 'Spa Like' Ensuite Bathroom

I am not sure if that is a dilemma Shakespeare ever had but given the decision-making angst, I am sure he would have written about it if he did. When we buy a new home, the deliberation of whether to rip out the old bathrooms and start anew or to use them as is till a later date is a monumental decision. My clients decided they wanted to redo all the bathrooms from scratch in their new home including their ensuite bathroom. The brief was to create a relaxing bathroom space that made my clients feel like they were perpetually on holiday. We used beautiful fixtures and fittings, textured tiles, and touches of understated luxury like the Critall style shower enclosure and marble vanity to create space that was inviting at all times. We also styled the bathroom with plants and other useful finishing touches that add to the spa-like feel of the space.

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